Planet Moso

Planet Moso’s Story

In 2018, world plastic production totalled around 359 million metric tonnes. Our consumption of plastic presents hazardous dangers to not only human health but to marine life. Often mistaken for food, animals are also known to become entangled in debris resulting in fatal casualties. Divers, swimmers and beach goers are also directly harmed by encounters with marine debris or its toxins

Planet Moso was born to raise awareness and to help reduce and replace the use of plastic with self-sustainable materials. We aim to reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in our very own seabed, coastlines and landfills.
Our first step onto this adventure is our Moso bamboo toothbrush which is 99% biodegradable. Making our toothbrush one of the most eco-friendly toothbrushes in the world.

Our Mission:

  • Reduce the amount of plastic pollution in the ocean and landfills through ocean cleaning projects
  • Revitalising ecosystems and empowering local communities through reforestation projects
  • Help children and adults in deprived areas on the importance of oral hygiene

The whole planet needs looking after, it belongs to you and it belongs to us. It is our duty and our honour to be advocates for environmental change.

Planet Moso is the first step towards a wider charter, by replacing plastic with bamboo we make one small change today for a better tomorrow. Together we can Help The World Smile!

Why choose planet moso?

Our products are biodegradable helping in the fight against plastic pollution
  • Buy 1 Give 1: For every toothbrush you buy we donate one toothbrush to deprived children or adults across the world.
  • Eden Reforestation Projects: 5% of our profits are donated to Eden Reforestation Projects, to plant trees and provide local communities with jobs.
  • Project Aware: 5% of our profits are donated to Project Aware to support ocean cleaning initiatives across the globe



You can visit Planet Moso’s website here.